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Flagler alumnus sets Guinness World Record

Jan 10, 2019

Jason Tetlak, ’00, took his interactive art to new heights by setting the world record for the largest 3D mural. The painting is 90 feet wide by 22 feet tall, totaling 1930 square feet in area. The mural features the faces of the Beastie Boys, including the band’s lyrics “No Sleep Til Brooklyn,” a clever reference to the site of the mural: a neighborhood in Jacksonville called Brooklyn. With a pair of 3D glasses, the image comes to life for viewers.

Jason Tetlak

“The process took almost a year,” said Tetlak.

He first had to submit the record he wanted to set to Guinness, then they had to decide if it was something they would certify. After agreeing, they gave him the parameters to meet to achieve his goal. Tetlak then embarked on finding a surface large enough to set the record. Over the course of one week, Tetlak painted the entire mural in 50 hours.

To achieve the record, he submitted evidence to Guinness, including witnesses and measurements from a surveyor. Once the record was certified, he submitted photos to the Guinness publishing department for consideration to be featured on their website or in their book. His record can be viewed on Guinness’s website here.


Jason Tetlak mural

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