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Flagler alumnus at Xbox gives back during season of giving

Jan 21, 2020

During the students’ winter break, a cadre of 10 Microsoft Xbox consoles were unboxed on campus. Flagler College alumnus Patrick Perkins, ’02, a product marketing manager for the popular gaming console company, wanted to give back to Flagler students and allow them to test out early the newest Microsoft product – the Xbox One X, the newest and most powerful console currently on the market.

Perkins ensured his donation of the 10 consoles came complete with all the bells and whistles, including 16 additional controllers and 10 Game Pass Ultimate tokens. The system will be available in multiple locations considered common for brining students together to socialize and just hang out: Ringhaver Student Center, Residence Halls and FEC Commons. Anecdotally, The Division of Student Affairs reports a high percentage of the student population who identify themselves as gamers and recognizes a long-standing history of gaming on the campus; the Gaming Guild has been a continuously active club since 2012 with the e-Sports team a more recent addition to the student gaming options. While some students may not consider themselves gamers, the 4k console is known for its excellent quality when used to stream a favorite digital subscription.

“From an equity perspective, these consoles will allow students who would not otherwise be able to afford this type of luxury item to have complete access in a way that does not highlight or even acknowledge differences in the socioeconomic status of our student population,” said Vice President of Student Affairs & Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Dr. Sandra Miles.

This donation comes amid intentional efforts recently from her division to offer a large volume of programming; something offered each day for the first 40 days of the semester. The division has been diligent about collecting feedback from students on the new programming and turning around quickly that feedback in order to adjust accordingly. The aim is to have students feel heard and valued about what they enjoy and feel is worthwhile of their free time.

Miles said, “This donation will help us to continue our efforts to provide students with the type of experience that is unique to Flagler, as we are the first college in the country to receive a donation of the newest Xbox!”

For more information about Perkins’ donation from student Tyler Cooper-Kolb’s perspective, watch the Xbox unboxing video here.

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