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 Mattison Hansen

Mattison Hansen

Major in Communication: Digital Media Production and Journalism (Focus: Journalism)

Mattison Hansen

What is your major? Do you have any minors?

I Major in Communication: Digital Media Production and Journalism (Focus: Journalism), and I Double Major in Psychology and Criminology.

What are you passionate about? What inspires you?

I've always been passionate about creating new things. Since the third grade, I wanted to become an author, and after taking a few photography-based courses at Flagler I've gained a love for taking photos. I also enjoy seeing what others create, such as listening to new music or looking at a friend's latest art project. While attending Flagler I was able to spend a lot of my free time visiting different museums and art exhibits in St. Augustine. The concept of coming up with new ideas and watching them come to life consistently amazes and inspires me to continue doing what I love.

What is one lesson that you learned at Flagler that you will never forget?

One lesson I learned while at Flagler is Community. Over the past four years, I have been surrounded by supportive mentors that never failed to push me to the achievements they knew I would accomplish, as well as friends who brought me kindness and compassion when I needed it the most. These individuals have become a part of my Flagler Family, as well as my college experience, and I'll be forever grateful for them.

If you could share a piece of advice for a new student, what would it be?

A piece of advice I'd give to new students is to get involved in as many activities and events as possible. Join clubs, go to events, or do something off-campus where you can meet people with similar interests. College is a time to learn who you are, as well as help shape you to be the person you want to become.

Our core values are Transformative Learning, Citizenship with Integrity, Thoughtful Stewardship, and Respectful and Inclusion Community. How have you contributed to these Core Values during your time at Flagler?

While at Flagler College I've been part of many organizations on campus that helped shape me into the person I have become. As a sister of Phi Alpha Omega, I took part in various volunteer opportunities to help my community and those who are in need. I have also been given the chance to work as a Lead Resident Advisor and Admissions Ambassador, both of which are leadership positions that have allowed me to introduce Flagler and assist my peers in various situations during their time here. Finally, my time at Flagler College's Radio, WFCF 88.5, has given me an out-of-the-classroom experience that helped me realize what I am capable of and what I want to do once I graduate.

What are your plans after you graduate?

I am currently looking for jobs in radio production, but I am extremely excited to start this next chapter in my life!