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Employees recognized at ceremony

Sep 5, 2018

Flagler College recently honored its longtime employees during anniversary years of their careers – ranging from 5 to 30 years – in the Lewis Auditorium on Friday afternoon.

Employee recognition

President Joyner opened the events with an address, ushering in the 50th academic year of the college. As offices were closed and all employees gathered, college staff and faculty recognized collectively those who have served the college in various capacities. Please enjoy the photos from the celebratory occasion here.


30 Years of Service

Peggy Dyess

Michele Gregoire

Carl Williams

25 Years of Service

Dan McCook

20 Years of Service

Brian Nesselrode

Sandra Davis

Karen Hudgins

Timothy Johnson

15 Years of Service

Barbara Blonder

Victor Cheney

Don Berglund

Dirk Hibler

Holly Hill

Samantha Palmer

Christopher Smith

Brian Thompson

10 Years of Service

Christine Averson

Lisa Baird

Mary Lou Barra

Judith Burdan

Michael Butler

Santiago Cavanagh

Jud Damon

Jeff Davitt

Tammy Delaporte

Paula Holanchock

Mark Huelsbeck

Cheryl McCarthy

Lance McIntyre

Christina Moser

Emily Provenza

Allison Roberts

Richard Saunders

Donna Washburn

Allan Williams

John Young

5 Years of Service

Matthew Affolder

Sara Bliss

Robbie Boggs

Beverly Carmichael

Robert Chalmers

William Cooper

Sarah Deagle

Sherry Free

Jinhyon Hammick

Selena Hernandez-Haines

Thomas Hipp

Eric Hoffman

Michelle Holland

Haiyan Huang

Barbara Jensen

Jay Kelly

Ashley Martin

Leticia Martin

Candice Murray

Emily Murray

Angelenia Semegon

Tracy Shilliday

Deborah Thompson

Craig Woelfel

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