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Donor Appreciation Celebration spotlights Sarah Schark

May 30, 2020

The June 4 Donor Appreciation Virtual Celebration will share student stories to spotlight how donors’ generosity impacts students like Sarah Schark. Due to the generosity of donors, 92% of students receive some sort of financial assistance to help them stay active members of their campus community. This assistance comes in the forms of scholarships, funding for undergraduate research (such as Honors Day), study abroad assistance, grants, loans and various academic programs support.

Sarah has continuously kept a busy profile on campus. She has juggled two majors – Coastal Environmental Science and Strategic Communication – as well as played a major role on the Saint’s NCAA II volleyball team, all while maintaining part-time jobs to help her pay for things while in school. Like many on Flagler’s campus who are heavily involved in student organizations, athletics and academic organizations, Sarah enjoyed most the help from donors to pursue her passion projects.

In 2019, her research on ecosystem change following storms called, “After Hurricanes Irma and Matthew: Living Shorelines Stabilize Sediments,” garnered recognition and the chance to present at Flagler College’s annual Honors Day celebration.

Now in her final semester at Flagler with an expected graduation date of August 2020, Sarah is as busy as ever on her more recent project, SocialBite. An app that provides users an easier experience in choosing your next dining adventure, is a joint venture with her business partner Tommaso Bagon and his brother Pietro Bagon. Sarah was the leading presenter for the project during Business Week festivities in Spring 2020 and performed so well, their business idea won first place in the academic week’s Lion’s Cage event. The highly competitive event draws a crowd including the public, potential business mentors, college donors and faculty from across disciplines. The Business Week academic program is co-hosted by and supported with funds for the winners by the Flagler College Business Advisory Board.

“Marketing, marketing, marketing,” said Schark on what they’ll be doing with their business venture this summer now that the spring semester is completed. “And final bug fixes.”

“The grant (prize money) will help move forward with the app,” said Schark on receiving first place-prize money for the SocialBite app. “This was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for SocialBite!”

To hear more on Sarah’s business venture into SocialBite, enjoy this interview with Sarah and Tommaso on Flagler Footnotes, a WFCF 88.5FM production.

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