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Day of Service makes a local impact

Oct 27, 2018

More than 300 Flagler College students, faculty, staff and alumni participated on Saturday, Oct. 27 for a day of community service. The Reach Out Raise Up event is student-organized each semester by Flagler College Volunteers (FCV).

RORU volunteers at COA

This year’s participant numbers outweighed expectations. Registration closed early in order to ensure that everyone would receive a lunch and have a designated place to do the volunteer work.

Many of the nonprofits’ volunteer coordinators said that it makes a difference having such large groups of people for a chunk of time. Just this one day event will produce upwards of 1500 volunteer hours served.

At the Council on Aging, volunteers helped clean up a native plant garden used by both Bayview residents and Council on Aging program participants. Student volunteers from the Flagler College baseball team were happy to help move brick pavers that were to be reinstalled on a pathway through the relaxation garden.

“I wish this was here when I was,” said Jenna Taylor, a Flagler graduate of ’08 who was assigned to the Council on Aging project. 

Organizations that participated in this year’s Reach Out include HAWKE, Another Chance Ranch Domestic Animal Sanctuary, Betty Griffin Center, Alpha-Omega Miracle Home, St. Augustine Center for Living, Council on Aging, Sertoma 2nd Time Around Thrift Store, Home Again St. Johns, Ayla’s Acres, St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum, Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind, St. Augustine Wild Reserve and SAFE Pet Rescue.

At the Sertoma 2nd Time Around Store, volunteers helped sort clothes to either dispose of, sell or recycle. Before a lunch break, the volunteers had already sorted and created 13 bags to send to American Rag and Wipers, a veteran owned company that receives donated clothes that can’t be resold and recycles them into useable rags. Sertoma volunteer Liz Brooks described it as “a volunteer process in a circle.”

“I just think it’s a really great cause and I want to support that, to help them (the students) see the impact,” said professor of art and design Natalie Stephenson who served as a site leader for the second year.

RORU Sertoma volunteer

RORU Sertoma 2

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