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Plans and Procedures

We have begun the process of looking at how to confidently return to campus, ready offices for business as usual, and layout plans for the reopening of campus in the fall. President Joyner recently created two Reopening Task Forces that will look at operations and fall contingency plans. These Task Forces will review the necessary resources and policies to recommend a phased approach for our employees to return to campus and eventually reopen for students.

In the coming weeks, we will have plans that will address topics such as return to work, bringing students back to campus, special events, and education delivery.


Review Our Plans and Procedures

Academic Affairs Fall Contingency Plan


The Academic Affairs Fall Contingency Overview deals with Academic Affairs and instruction-related supplemental plans for the Fall Semester due to COVID-19.

Academic Affairs Fall Contingency Overview

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Cleaning Procedures and Supply Lists

Cleaning Procedures and Supply Lists 

Facilities Disinfecting and Sanitatizing SOP

This SOP outlines the array of protective measures that Flagler College Facilities has implemented to ensure the health and safety of Students, Faculty, and Staff. Burn rates are calculated based on maximum possible usage and supplies are stocked based on this calculation.

Sanitation and PPE Supply SOP

This SOP refers to all those who are submitting requests to the proper steps. Departments or buildings have designated submitters and all supply requests are to be handled through the Flagler College Work Order system, a quick link found on the webpage.

Sanitation and PPE Supply Checklist

This checklist is provided to streamline supply and PPE requests for those who are unsure of the information needed in order to fulfill a supply request for COVID-19 supplies or PPE

Supplies Product Information

Facilities and the Department of Environmental Health and Safety have provided this list of approved sanitizing and disinfecting products that are used throughout the campus. Facilities routinely uses List N products during routine cleaning, but have also implemented increased variety and frequency of certain products.
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Employee Return to Work Information

Employees- Returning to Workplace

We committed to being good stewards of our Flagler family by implementing processes and protocols designed to protect the campus environment and our students, staff, and faculty. Review the guidelines below on our phased approach to returning to work.

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COVID Operations Guide by Alert Level

COVID Operations Guide by Alert Level

This COVID Operations Guide by Alert Level focuses on key college services and operations, enabling Flagler to create a healthy and safe community for students and employees.  It is the responsibility of each individual in the Flagler College community to follow the protocols outlined in this document.

The health and safety of the campus community can be maintained by through preventative actions, education, continuous monitoring, testing, contact tracing and policies/protocols. Every member of the campus community must be diligent in their efforts and hold themselves and others accountable to policies, procedures and guidelines that have been established.

We are committed to ensuring that the Flagler experience includes everything that makes a Flagler education special: a personalized, transformative education; an engaging and inclusive campus with a vibrant student life; and a welcome into the Flagler campus and the beautiful city of St Augustine.

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