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The Saints Health+ app provides complete exposure prevention, testing, and management with robust security and HIPAA compliance. In partnership with Flagler Health+ and powered by the Healthfully platform, the solution contains essential technology features and health services to maximize our faculty, staff, and student’s safety and care.


  • Daily self-screening and attestation
  • Telehealth physician visits and lab orders
  • Testing and lab results
  • Secure messaging
  • Contact tracing and proximity reporting
  • Exposure management and compliance reporting
  • Isolation & quarantine support communities
  • Employee and student education
  • Works on any platform: Web, iOS, Android


  • Employees and students all learn about the importance of self-monitoring and safe behaviors through the app.
  • You will answer a few quick questions daily to attest that you are neither exhibiting symptoms nor been to any hot spots within the past 14 days.
  • An algorithm determines if you need follow up via a telemedicine appointment with a medical provider or testing, which is conducted through the app.
  • Those testing positive receive through the app:
    • information about self-isolation
    • access to online care and check-in
    • connection to virtual support groups


The Saints Health+ app has significant benefits for our campus.  Through it, you are able to:

  • Access all COVID-19 resources through one easy-to-use app.
  • Gain confidence and peace of mind that organizational support is available.
  • Stay educated on latest COVID-19 prevention information.
  • Access helpful community resources for needed support to maintain health.

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