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Microscopic view of COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Students FAQs

What is the best way for me to receive information from the College?

Email is the official form of communication for the college. All updates and announcements will be sent to faculty, staff, students and parents through email. Some updates will also be placed on the Class of Facebook pages as well as the Parent Facebook page. 

To monitor active COVID-19 cases on campus, view FAQs and read about our campus alerts, please visit If you are still looking for information you can email with your question.

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Will we all be required to sit at desks with shields on them?

No, the number of desks in the classrooms will be minimized and students will be placed six feet apart. Students and faculty will be required to wear masks for face to face classes. Students and faculty will clean desks or workstations at the conclusion of their class session and classrooms will undergo routine cleanings by housekeeping staff during the day and will receive a thorough cleaning each night.  

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If the attendance policy still applies but we feel we need to miss a day because of possible symptoms, what is the protocol?

Students who are symptomatic, test postitive for COVID-19 or believe they have been exposed to COVID-19 should notify Health Services at 904-819-6211 or email so the appropriate steps are taken and record symptoms or exposure in the Saints Health+ app. 

If you are in quarantine or isolation Academic Affairs is made aware and faculty are required to provide opportunities for students to complete classwork remotely. If you are unable to complete work due to sickness please contact Academic Affairs at

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What if I need additional accommodations because of a change in the class format?

Students requiring accommodations for online or face to face classes should contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) Director Phil Pownall at  

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What proof do I need for instructor notifications/excuses to miss class?

Students who have to miss in-person classes because of a positive test result or quaranting will need to work with their individual faculty to insure that they do not fall behind in class.  Faculty will not penalize students in any way who miss class because they are complying with our Covid protocols.   

Students who miss the start of the semester because of a positive test result will not be dropped from any of their classes.

Academic Affairs will send notice to student's faculty letting them know that the student will need to miss class, but faculty will expect communication from the student, so they can work directly with that student to insure such student remains on track in the class.


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Will the Learning Resource Center still be open?

The Learning Resource Center will be open and offering academic support and tutoring.

Hours and guidelines for appointments can be found by visiting


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Who do I reach out to if I have concerns about the level of engagement in my courses since they moved online or am having difficulty connecting with my instructors?

If students have concerns about their courses or the level of engagement since moving courses online, please send an email to 

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Student Life

How do I report behavior that is not consistent with the Healthy Saints Pledge such as parties and not wearing a mask?

Anyone can report anonymously behavior that is not consistent with our Healthy Saints Pledge. All submissions will be reviewed and investigated by the Division of Student Affairs.

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If I live on campus or have roommates and am required to quarantine or isolate, what is the protocol?

The College has identified locations for students who need to isolate or quarantine. These rooms are overseen by the Division of Student Affairs. Services continue to be provided for students in quarantine and isolation to ensure their needs are being met. Students have access to campus medical professionals through telehealth visits and meals are delivered from Dining Services. Rooms include a bed, in-room bathroom and internet services. Students required to move to isolation or quarantine are provided with a packing list in order to make their stay as comfortable as possible and assigned a contact tracer who checks on their well-being. 

In some cases, the student may be able to remain in their residence hall room during quarantine.

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Have student events and meetings been canceled this spring?

The Division of Student Affairs has been working hard to create a virtual and physically distanced events for students to participate in given room and space capacities. To review what events and activities may look like this academic year, please review the College's Reopening Task Force Plan. All public events have been canceled. 

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I am currently participating in an internship, will that be canceled?

Internships will continue; however, please email your Internship Coordinator or reach out to the Career Development Center at

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What does this mean for sports?

All athletics events are subject to the rules and regulations of the NCAA Division II and the Peach Belt Conference. The Department of Athletics adheres to all standards concerning practice and competition as recommended in the NCAA Resocialization of College Sport living document (NCAA Resocialization of Collegiate Sport) and the Peach Belt Conference Return to Play Plan (PBC Return to Play Plan). The Department of Athletics issued its own COVID-19 Guidelines in July 2020, which identifies safety precautions in place for athletics operations (Flagler College Department of Athletics COVID-19 Guidelines). 

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Will Flagler’s athletic events have a 50-person limit?

All athletics events are subject to the rules and regulations of state and local guidelines as well as limitations required by the NCAA Division II and the Peach Belt Conference. No fans are permitted for athletics events at this time. The Department of Athletics plans to limit capacity at all athletics facilities in the spring semester to a maximum of 40 percent with safety precautions such as temperature checks, mandatory masking, and social distancing of non-homogenous groups required upon entry. Capacity limits are subject to change. Capacity is driven by social distancing guidelines. 

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Is the Disney trip still on for Freshmen?

Unfortunately, the Disney trip for the 2020-2021 academic year is canceled.

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Will the gym be open to all students?

Under the College's COVID Alert Levels, the gym/workout facilities will be opened at limited capacity under Level 2. Students will be able to reserve a one-hour session through Saints Connect to use the facility. Students will be required to maintain social distancing and wear a mask at all times while utilizing the gym equipment. Students will also be expected to wipe down all equipment after each use. 

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Will club sports be allowed to hold practice and travel to compete against other colleges?

Club sports plan to still run as usual per CDC guidelines to ensure safety of our students.  Men's Lacrosse is permitted to hold practices and travel for competition against other colleges. The Department of Athletics COVID-19 Guidelines specifies all limitations and safety precautions that are in place in regard to practices and team travel. 

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I've noticed that hand sanitizer dispensers around campus are out, who do I contact?

Thank you for making us aware, as having sanitizer available in public spaces if very important to us. Alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer bottles are checked frequently throughout the week - we're sorry we might have missed one! Feel free to submit a maintenance request via MyFlagler when this happens. If you have other concerns, please visit our FAQ page at

Contact Environmental Health and Safety for any further concerns at or 904-819-6422.

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Residence Life

If move-in day is over a three-day period, what are those days and how do we know which day is our day?

Move-in days are Aug. 21-23. All contracted students have already been contacted and informed of their scheduled move-in time. You can contact if you have additional questions or concerns.

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Are there restrictions on how many people can help move students into their dorms?

Yes, each student can have two people assist them with move in. 

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Where do we go to find out who our roommates are?

Roommate assignments are available on You can also contact for more information.

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Are there any restrictions on visiting other student’s rooms?

Yes, visitors outside of your residence hall are restricted for now. 

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Can parents visit campus during Moving Day?

Each student can have two guests with them on move-in day.

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What is the move-in day for athletes?

The move-in day for athletes is Aug. 16.

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Health and Safety

Will the College provide masks for students?

Students should bring three masks with them in the Fall. The College will have some masks available, but students should plan to have masks on-hand.  

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What is the app called?

The app to submit daily health assessments is called the Flagler Health+ Anywhere app. Flagler College has partnered with Flagler Health+ to make this tool available to all students, staff and faculty. There will be more information distributed in the coming weeks with instructions on how to download and use the app.

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Are you going to require masks when the students are outside?

Yes, everyone on campus will be required to wear a mask when outside of their personal areas such as cars, rooms and offices.

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What is the plan/consequence for students who are not wearing masks/not following other guidelines?

All students will sign a code of conduct that outlines disciplinary actions.

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Meetings, Tours, Travel

Are there plans for Saints Weekend? Will visitors and families be allowed?

The College is tentatively planning this event for Spring 2021 with a possible virtual option in the Fall semester to connect students with their families and friends.

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Will I receive a refund of tuition and fees if classes move online?

The tuition for the 2020-2021 academic year will not change based on your preferred mode of instruction. Students opting for online instruction will still receive the same credit hours and quality instruction from Flagler College faculty. Additionally, online advising, co-curricular and other student engagement opportunities will continue to be offered.

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My outstanding student account balance is higher than the maximum allowed to register for fall 2020 classes. Can I still register?

The College recognizes some students may be experiencing financial issues related to the COVID-19 restrictions.  For the fall 2020 registration period, the College is increasing the maximum balance allowed for registration to $2,500, up from $1,000.  Students will still see a “transcript hold” when attempting to register, but this will not prevent students from registering for fall, summer term, or FlagSHIP 2021 classes.  Simply bypass the warning, and continue with the registration process.

If you are not able to get your balance below the required maximum, please contact or call at 904-819-6230 to discuss your plan and options.  If you have questions regarding financial aid credits or other assistance, contact

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Will my student health insurance plan remain in effect?

For students who purchased student health insurance offered by the College for the year or term (spring transfers only), coverage is still effective through July 2020.

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Will I receive any CARES funds through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act?
The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act that Congress approved includes the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund. This fund provides emergency assistance in the form of financial grants for expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to the COVID-19 crisis.  These funds are not financial aid and will not be considered toward your cost of attendance or applied to any current balance on your account.
Flagler College is distributing CARES Funds to all eligible students as a one-time lump-sum payment of $557.83. You have been identified as an eligible recipient for these funds. The funds must be used for expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to Coronavirus, including food, housing, course materials, technology, health care, and child-care expenses.  If you have not already incurred or will not incur expenses of at least $557.83 before the end of the calendar year, please contact Student Accounts at or (904) 819-6230, for additional guidance.
These funds will be distributed by the Business Office, beginning the week of May 18th, according to the refund preference you have specified in your CASHnet account.  If you provided banking information for direct deposit, the payment should appear in your account within 2-3 business days of the refund issuance.   If you have not set-up an E-Refund preference, the funds will be disbursed by paper check to your permanent mailing address. Payments are processed more quickly through e-Refund, so students are encouraged to elect and provide their banking information for direct deposit, by logging into CASHnet and completing the required steps.  CASHnet may be accessed by following the instructions on the My Flagler home page under "Campus Announcements" and the "Payment Information" heading.  Follow the link: My Flagler

Please contact Student Accounts with any questions or for further assistance,  We hope these funds will provide some additional support during this challenging period.
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