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Microscopic view of COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Faculty and Staff FAQs

Campus Operations

With the significant rise of COVID cases in Florida, and here in St. Johns County, will we continue to push back the Phase 2 reopening?

The Return to Work Guide addresses the three phases of reopening the College.

In Phase 2, offices open with limited capacity. Working from the office begins in a staggered approach. Each division determines a schedule that works for their building capacity and job duties. This phase is voluntary to return to the campus and offices.

Employees who have been identified as essential by their Divisional VP are able to volunteer to return back to work during Phase 2.

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How are the plans to return to campus - for staff - affected by the growing number of COVID-19 cases in Florida? Why return now when there are more cases in our state than before?

The Reopening Task Force regularly monitors recommendations issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the White House COVID-19 task force, and state and local guidelines.

The CDC has published guidelines that are specific to higher education institutions. These guidelines provide recommendations for institutions based on the level of COVID-19 transmission within the local community.

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Academic Continuity

Are you considering a plan that would allow an individual faculty member to choose to teach some classes remotely and teach other classes face-to-face?

The Academic Affairs Contingency Overview addresses requests from faculty to teach remotely. Faculty can work with Dr. Art Vanden Houten on specific requests that include a hybrid model of teaching some classes in person and some classes online.

Any member of the faculty (full-time or adjunct) concerned about returning to campus because of the COVID-19 pandemic (e.g., health, age) must submit a request to teach remotely for the Fall semester to the Office of Academic Affairs no later than June 30th.

Requests will be reviewed by Academic Affairs and Human Resources and faculty notified of approval by July 10th.

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When will forms to request teaching remotely be available?

The Division of Academic Affairs will be sending additional information to faculty on how to submit a request to teach remotely. 

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Did the task force ever consider just offering the fall semester completely online instead of multiple solutions?

The task force responsible for the Academic Affairs Contingency Plan considered many options during the development of the plan. The final plan is in line with recommendations from the CDC and is consistent with the plans of state institutions and other ICUF institutions.  

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Will faculty who need access to face shields in labs be provided them?

Yes, those requests should be made through the work order request form here - Request Supplies or PPE

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What is the protocol students will follow for changing classes, i.e. congestion in hallways, stairwells and elevators?

The Director of Risk Management is creating a master document of building plans. This will include how hallways, stairwells and elevators will be utilized in all campus buildings. 

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Is the academic calendar posted?

Yes, the academic calendar for 2020-21 can be found here.

2020-2021 Academic Calendar

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Recording Time

If a staff member is required to self-isolate because of an exposure or travel, how should they record their time?

Employees will be paid through the self-isolation process and will not have to utilize their Paid Time Off benefit.  Employees will need to inform their supervisors immediately if they need to go into self-isolation. 

The employee should work with their supervisor and Divisional Vice President to determine if the employee can work from home during the self-isolation time.  If an employee is sick, then we expect the employee to focus on their health and communicate to their supervisor that they are not able to work. 

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If schools or daycares close, how will those employees record their time away?

If employees are unable to come to work, due to their schools/daycares being closed and other arrangements cannot be made, then the employee will not have to utilize their Paid Time Off benefit.  Employees will need to inform their supervisors immediately regarding the schools/daycare closure dates. 

Impacted employees should work with their supervisor and Divisional Vice President to determine if the employee can work from home during the designated school/daycare closure time. 

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Working Offsite

Can I work from home, if needed?

The Vice-President of each Division will be responsible for identifying positions that meet the requirements of being able to “work from home.”   To work from home, supervisors need to ensure that the employee’s job responsibilities can be performed from a remote location.  Supervisors should work with IT Security to determine if their employee has the proper secure college or self-owned equipment and access to perform their jobs.

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Are there any tools to help faculty and staff work from home?

Yes, here are some resources gathered by our Offices of Instructional and Institutional Technology: 


Please visit Canvas to access Remote Teaching Resources.

Staff and Faculty 

Please log into SharePoint for basic guides to working remotely. 


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