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Bolante earns Law & Policy Doctorate from Northeastern University

Jul 13, 2018

Newly appointed director of the Public Administration program, Joel Bolante, recently earned his Law & Policy Doctorate (LP.D) from Northeastern University.

Joel Bolante professional headshot.

As a hybrid program, he was required to travel to Boston every month for intensive classroom studies, while also completing online sessions. His dissertation, titled, “The Open and Concealed Carry of Firearms at Public Colleges and Universities in Florida: Perceptions and Attitudes of Campus Public Safety Directors" revealed that of the campus safety directors who responded to his survey, 86% were opposed to open carry on campuses. Due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter, Bolante was not originally optimistic about receiving responses back from his dissertation survey. The timing was not ideal either, as he was required to send out the survey just following the events in Parkland, Florida. He was surprised when other schools responded quickly and were open to helping him complete the survey. Bolante’s intention is to supply the Florida Legislature with the collected data in order to make informed decisions about the state’s open carry laws on public college and university campuses.

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