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Adult & Continuing Education to offer new certifications and courses

Oct 29, 2019
by Jayda Barnes, '19

Flagler College’s Adult & Continuing Education launched new courses in its Corporate Training & Professional Development program (CTPD), which includes over 75 new online certification and training courses. Courses can begin anytime, according to the student’s scheduling needs.

Adult & Continuing Education provides training and educational opportunities to professionals and lifelong learners. The CTPD program supports corporations, organizations and individuals with training opportunities. The program offers nine units, including Accounting & Finance; Business & Leadership; Green & Renewable Energy; Hospitality & Tourism; IT & Computer Training; Industrial & Skilled Trades; Languages for the Workplace; Law & Criminology; and Multimedia & Marketing. Each program features a variety of courses and certifications to meet each individual’s professional needs.

“The Corporate Training & Professional Development arm of Adult & Continuing Education is designed to support the training and development needs of local organizations and corporations,” said Adult & Continuing Education program Director Jorge Herrera.

The courses offered by the Adult & Continuing Education Program are non-degree and non-credit earning and are therefore not accredited. This program includes support options to active military, veterans and military families to continue their career development.

To learn more about the CTPD program, view the webpage here. For assistance or questions about course registration or payments, please contact the center at 904-826-8635 or 904-826-8643 or email at

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