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80s-themed graphic design show open to all

Apr 18, 2019

On Thursday, May 2 at 6 the Virginia Room of the Ringhaver Student Center on Flagler College’s campus, Flagler’s graphic design senior students will be exhibiting their portfolio work. There are 33 seniors exhibiting their graphic design portfolios and found inspiration in the number to make the theme an 80s theme – 33 years ago.

Students posing in front of Molly Wiley Art Building dressed in 80s themed attire

The senior portfolio is an accumulation of their undergraduate careers. The portfolios include projects from many areas of design - branding, advertising, web design, mobile apps, animations, packaging, environmental design, illustration and photography. This bi-annual show provides a platform for students to present their work to professionals, family, friends and the local community.

“Each student has created a body of work that represents who they are as a designer. Their design projects showcase their strengths and demonstrate how they’ve used creativity to solve communication problems. We have a talented group this semester,” said Natalie Stephenson, assistant professor of graphic design.

There were two portfolio classes this spring, taught by Assistant Professors Natalie Stephenson and Chris Smith.

Smith said, “Not only does the Portfolio Show offer our current graphic design students an inspiring preview of what to expect in the program, the event also serves as an effective means for industry professionals to come and take a look at potential new hires.”

Designers include: Dani Acevedo, Will Ashmore, Britain Brown, Karese Burrows, Kristin Busitzky, Emily Cadwallader, Marcus Chan, Maddie Cheney, Matthew Conner, Ellie Dawson, Genevieve Ehlers, Brittany Farley, Jackson Hall, Natalie Harris, Sarah Langston, Emily Lemp, Vincent Lendering, Caitlin Lopez, Sarah MacDonald, Lauren Mason, Travis May, Cammy McWilliams, Bethany Mincey, Mason Mushinski, Courtney Patterson, Chelsea Ray, John Roberts, Lisa Schweikert, Christian Seymour, Meghan Vargas, Lane Weinheimer, Sadie Weisberg and Sarah Weisman.

There will be musical entertainment and light refreshments.

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