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    • Inside the Brown Innovation Center

      Innovation Center Brings New Opportunities to Flagler

      Jun 26
      When the Brown Innovation Center opened this past spring at Flagler, it wasn’t just a chance to show off the lab’s fancy 3D printers and laser cutter, but also to foster multidisciplinary collaboration across campus to find solutions for pressing challenges.
    • Flagler College President John Delaney shakes hands with Bermuda College's Phyllis Curtis-Tweed.

      Flagler Develops Relationship with Bermuda College

      Jun 26
      A 2014 Coastal Environmental Science trip to Bermuda was the catalyst for a young working relationship between Flagler College and Bermuda College that was made official through the signing of an articulation agreement last month.
    • A professor and students on the beach working on their robot

      Student-built Robot Helps Coastal Environmental Program Study Tortoises

      Jul 12
      What started as a need to help Flagler researchers study a threatened gopher tortoise has led to a campus club building a high-tech robot with a camera that is designed to carefully crawl into the animals’ burrows for a closer look.
    • Gregory Miller

      College Studying Proposal for New Biology Degree Program

      Oct 1
      As recently as 2008, Flagler College had no science majors or minors, and no General Education science requirement. The study of the subject was not a facet of the Flagler experience. But the college administration came to realize that the College would never strengthen its academic profile without a solid program in natural sciences.
    • Barbara Blonder, Flagler College Associate Professor of Natural Sciences, stands on a beach with two Flagler students

      All-Female Team of Researchers Observe How Our Natural World is Adapting

      Oct 1
      Flagler College Associate Professor of Natural Sciences Barbara Blonder's research with two Flagler students on changes in coastal Gopher Tortoise burrow characteristics was recently published in the journal ScienceDirect.