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President's Letter

Jan 4, 2019
by Joseph G. Joyner, President

This year we are celebrating an important milestone for Flagler College: 50 years as a thriving college committed to our students, our community and the many rich historical resources on our campus.

Joyner letter

We often talk about our accomplishments, our beautiful campus, our rankings and other highlights that signify the success of the college, but this anniversary is really a celebration of people.  

The story of Flagler College is truly about the hard work, dedication, vision and ingenuity of so many who worked diligently – faculty and staff, early students, alumni and everyone who supported us along the way.   

We often talk of the “Flagler Family,” and in the time I have been president of the college, I’ve come to understand that this is more than a tagline. Rather, it truly represents what makes this institution such a special place – a feeling of community and camaraderie. A shared purpose.  

This anniversary edition of Flagler College Magazine focuses heavily on the role people have played in our success. We spotlight 50 Alumni of Distinction for making a difference in the world and proudly representing their alma mater. We speak with alumni who were part of that pioneering first class at Flagler, and talk with faculty and staff who took a chance on this fledgling school because they saw an opportunity to do something special. We highlight our influencers who helped found and lead the college from its early struggles to where we are today.  

An anniversary is a time to recognize how far we’ve come, take stock of where we are and even look to the future of where we are going. We’re doing that last part now as we complete a strategic plan designed to lead Flagler forward into the next 50 years. You will hear more about that soon. For now, join us in celebrating this historic 50-year milestone, and thank you for making Flagler College a truly remarkable success story. 

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