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Power through storytelling

Dec 1, 2016
by Tom Iacuzio, ‘06

As an eighth grader, Gareth Paul Cox, ‘07, would peer into his school library every morning on his way to homeroom and watch the other kids recording the CCTV school news. The experience would convince him to take a class in TV production, and the cinematographer hasn’t put a camera down since.

His passion for the medium led Cox to New York City after graduating from Flagler College, and in the city he scored jobs as an editor for top networks such as Oxygen and Fuel.

But Cox began to hit his stride after heading to Nicaragua to work on a project for Love Light + Melody, an organization dedicated to battling the effects of extreme poverty facing children and the communities where they live.

“What I saw there changed my life,” said Cox, who recently received the Young Alumni Achievement Award from Flagler College. “I saw the real power of the medium and I saw that the storytelling could be used for good.”

The project focused on an entire community living inside the main municipal trash dump of Managua, Nicaragua. The project would lead to the relocation and better working conditions of poverty-stricken families.

In 2013, Cox moved to Los Angeles to focus more on narrative filmmaking and would go on to earn his MFA in cinematography from the American Film Institute.

Since his move, Cox has worked on projects with companies such as Honda, Subway, Funny or Die and Nickelodeon, and he has filmed music videos with artists like Mac Miller, Big Sean and Kelly Rowland. His work with NFL Films has brought some of the loudest accolades through projects such as “A Football Life,” which can be seen on NFL Network.

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