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Kelly publishes 'The Economics of the Super Bowl'

Mar 15, 2021

Professor of Economics Yvan J. Kelly, Ph.D., has co-authored a new book called, “The Economics of the Super Bowl,” that was published by Palgrave Macmillan. In it, he examined the economic consequences for those who participate in the most watched sporting event in the United States. The book fills in gaps in the literature by examining the benefits and costs for players, halftime performers and cities.

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While there have been past studies about the economic impact on the cities that play host to the Super Bowl, Kelly and his co-authors noticed that the previous literature largely ignored the affect the game has had on the careers of the players, particularly the stars of the game, as well as the halftime performers. They decided to expand on previous research and update it with new data. They looked at what participating in the big game means for players in terms of future pay, and what the long-term payoff is for halftime performers through future concert revenues and other revenue sources.

In addition to teaching, Kelly has published articles in the Journal of Sports Economics, Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, and has been interviewed by USA Today, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated,, Radio Free Russia, NPR and other media. He co-wrote the book with David Berri, professor of Economics at Southern Utah University, and Victor A. Matheson, professor of Economics at College of the Holy Cross.

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