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Flagler’s ‘Lion’s Cage’ winner secures job with Breakthrough Fuel

Oct 18, 2017
by Bobbie Stewart

Jose Mizrahi, ‘17, won more than $1,000 and bragging rights when he claimed the top prize in Flagler’s first-ever “Lion’s Cage” competition, based on the popular TV show “Shark Tank.” He also landed a job with one of the judges.

The new Flagler alumnus was hired by the founder of Breakthrough Fuel, Craig Dickman, to work as the fuel management company’s client services manager.

“I was extremely excited,” Mizrahi said. “The position allows me to create relationships with clients, specifically those in Mexico, where I was born and raised.”

Breakthrough Fuel, based out of Green Bay, Wis., offers companies strategies to reduce their overall fuel transportation costs. In his new role, Mizrahi is tasked with keeping clients fully informed of their transportation expenses utilizing price trends, metrics and forecasts.

“My courses at Flagler like Strategic Management, Accounting and Math will be very useful,” the Business Administration major said. 

Mizrahi applied some of the principles from those courses in his winning “Lion’s Cage” proposal this spring. As part of Flagler’s Business Week, he pitched the idea of an “Uber for tutoring” app called Brighter Future. The app connects people who want to learn with people who want to teach. Those who want to teach become tutors in exchange for community service hours, while people who receive the tutoring have to make a donation for every hour of tutoring they receive. All proceeds from donations go into building schools in third world countries.

Dickman, who served as Business Week’s keynote speaker during its CEO Dinner, quickly noticed Mizrahi’s talent.

“The Lion’s Cage is a unique opportunity to see students in action,” he said. “During the pitch contest, it was easy to see Jose’s passion, entrepreneurial thought and communications skills.  But perhaps most important was his genuineness. We have built a business on a smart, passionate and edgy culture, and I could see, from the Lion’s Cage alone, that he would be a great addition at Breakthrough.”

Other winners of the Lion’s Cage event included second place Tubed Surf Wax and Sunscreen (by Scott Babbitt, Matthew Lane and Colin Kosco) and third place No Sympathy Swimwear (by Gabrielle Walters).

Dickman, an honorary member of the college’s Business Advisory Board, said Business Week provided a unique way to create engagement between the business community, the college and students.

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