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Flagler Launches Institute for Classical Education

Jun 26, 2023

In the summer of 2022, Flagler College received funding from the state of Florida to further its efforts in classical and liberal education by establishing a Classical Institute.

The work under the state funding continues the growth of the established Flagler Core Curriculum through the hiring of faculty and staff, as well as faculty development.

It also helps develop new external programming to share Flagler’s model of classical and liberal education with educators across the state.

Flagler’s Core reflects the College’s modern version of the classical liberal arts, intended to foster what Plato called the Good and the Common Good. The Core is designed around a deeply intentional immersion in Flagler’s Core Values, integrated with instruction in the vital skills necessary for our students to flourish not just academically, but in the workplace, in civic life and as “whole people.”

Through a broad and shared curriculum focused in the liberal arts and sciences, students learn to take intellectual risks and to understand how the various academic disciplines engage the world. They also learn the tools necessary for active participation in a free and democratic society committed to free speech and inquiry, and to dialogue across difference.

The Institute plans to host workshops, conferences and guest scholars – as well as to provide fellowship & mentorship opportunities for students and teachers at the K-12 level – in order to share Flagler’s philosophy of education with an audience beyond the College. We seek, through all of this work, to cultivate a “higher purpose” in higher education at a time of great national need.

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