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Flagler College - Tallahassee celebrates 20 years of success

Mar 15, 2021
by Tonya Creamer

Twenty years ago, Flagler College established the Tallahassee campus with a motto: “Quality Education at an Affordable Price.” Two decades later, the College is still committed to those principles.

A line of Flagler College - Tallahassee graduates stand and smile together on graduation day.

Over 2,700 teachers, business owners, accountants, marketers and leaders of their communities have walked through the campus’ doors. Their legacies, journeys and stories are all woven into the fabric that is Flagler College - Tallahassee. From the very first graduating class of 2002 to last year’s graduates, take a look at the impact made in the last 20 years. For more on Tallahassee’s anniversary, visit


Flagler College - Tallahassee alumni remember their fondest memories.

Renita Thompson

Renita Thompson, '04

Associate Director of Data Program Management

"I can remember working so hard on a five-year strategy plan for our Strategic Management class. Although we had four other very demanding classes, it was the one project that took precedence over everything else. It was the most work any of us had ever done before, but we were determined to get the most out of the class. After countless weeks of working on our projects, we all presented and were told that we did well on our strategic formulations. … I believe this pivotal time in my educational career has everything to do with why I chose project management as a career track."

David Clark

David Clark, '08

Owner of Allegiant Strategies Group

"Our Capstone course was awesome as it required us to leverage all of the education and training we had received during the program to build a business plan for a real-world company. It stretched us, challenged us, and grew us, not only as individuals, but as a team. Our professor, Dr. Garner, was a firm but incredible coach and mentor through the process. He expected hard-work and held us to a high-standard, which was the epitome of what the entire program stood for. My experience at Flagler was more than I could have asked for and grew me in ways I could not have expected to be better prepared as a professional and a person."

James Wright

James Wright, '10

Investment Banking Loan Portfolio Manager

"My fondest memory is by far the people I had the opportunity to interact with. I continue to keep in touch with a few professors, as well as fellow students, and those are some great relationships."

Thaddius Green

Thaddius Green '11

Literacy Coach of Broward County Schools

"My fondest memory has to be my practicum at one of the local schools in Leon County. Before entering the building, I had doubts. Flagler was able to provide me the necessary skills to overcome the doubt I was having. Dr. Chaviano, thank you for opening my eyes."


Sarojanie Samlal

Sarojanie Samlal, '16

Elementary ESE Teacher

"I have many memories of my Flagler experience, from Dr. Strauss’ mini orientation on my very first day of class, to the many lasting friendships I have formed; my fondest is of the warm, welcoming, and capable office staff, teachers, and administration. Being an older person returning to school after quite a few years can be daunting. However, everyone from Linda Smith and Annette Young to all my Flagler professors were always well-organized and supportive. The Education Program is like a well-oiled machine. Every step was well-planned, and there were no surprises. It is a rigorous program, but it is so well-organized that it makes the entire process easier."

Aakeem Bennett

Aakeem Bennett, '18

Senior Auditor for the State of Florida Auditor

"One of my favorite memories from my time at FCT was during our next-to-last semester. Our cohort had a student that was always in class and on time. He started a new job and that left him working late some nights. Needless to say, he missed a few classes. Once, he showed up in class and we gave him a hard time. We pretended like it was the first day of class and everyone started introducing themselves to him. Then, unprovoked by any of the students, the teacher called him by a totally different name during roll call. This small moment really shows the love and familiarity we formed amongst ourselves and with our professors."


On Dec. 13, 2020, Flagler College Tallahassee hosted its Commencement Ceremony. Meet the newest alumni and their advice for incoming students or their fondest memories of their time at Flagler.

"Your story may not be the same as mine, but always remain faithful, trust the process and fulfill your dreams.” - Varonia Walker, Business Administration, Administrative Assistant of Administrative Services at the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Institute of Public Health

"Make as many connections as possible and attend events such as Flagler Works Night." - Sean McMahon, Business Administration, Accountant III with the Florida Department of Financial Services Office

"Budget additional hours now, other than regular class hours. It will help you in the future.” - Thomas Hudson, Business Administration, IT professional

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