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Five steps to stage combat

Mar 4, 2011
by Staff

When Flagler Magazine spotted Britt Corry’s “Combat for the Stage” class thrusting swords at each other on the Flagler College Auditorium steps, we thought we would ask him about the five most important things he tells students learning to fight on the stage:

  1. “Breathe or die.” People sometimes forget this when incorporating moves, but you have to breathe.
  2. “Better too slow than two pieces.” Never move too quickly — it’s a recipe for disaster.
  3. “Cue-reaction-action.” The swordsman sends a cue, the victim reacts to this cue, and only then does the swordsman make the offensive blow.
  4. “It’s ‘acted’ aggression.” That means you don’t want to physically overpower your opponent. You only act out the aggression.
  5. “Don’t bleed on your partner.” No explanation required.
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