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Creating AIDS awareness in print

Feb 18, 2008
by Kayla Hrynyk, student

Student designs poster for group providing clean water, medical services in Africa

Graduating senior Andy Luce wanted to contribute to the battle against the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa in a way that went beyond monetary donations. He found it when he applied his

creative talents in graphic design to creating a poster for Blood:Water Mission, an organization that is using Luce’s piece to promote it’s cause.

The poster came out of a class for Art Professor Don Martin, who for the past two years has assigned his illustration students to design a poster for a non-profit organization that interests them. Luce’s poster is one of three projects being published.

The Blood:Water Mission is a non-profit based in Tennessee whose mission is to reduce the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic by building clean water wells and supporting medical facilities in Africa. A donation of just $1 provides a year’s supply of water for one person there.

After submitting his work to the organization, Luce received an e-mail saying it would be published on pamphlets for board members and promotional posters to be shown at events such as Bonnaroo.

Luce’s use of rich, earthy colors and rustic designs in his poster complement Blood:Water Mission’s visual theme.

“I was inspired by the organization itself, the work they do and the look they have in a lot of their advertising, also just artists like Marc Rothco,” Luce said. “I hope that visually it represents them and that it will inspire people to want to donate to their cause.”

For more information on Blood:Water Mission and getting involved, visit their Web site at:, or

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