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Campus copes with COVID

Mar 15, 2021

Flagler College bustled with masks, Zoom classes, sanitization stations and a host of coronavirus mitigation efforts as the campus coped with the COVID-19 pandemic this past fall. But while different than any other semester in Flagler’s history, students, faculty and staff still pulled together to balance health and safety with the kind of education and personal experience the College is known for.

A group of students wearing masks gather supplies in the parking lot during Move-in Day.

This spring, more than 70 percent of classes were in-person as Flagler built on the success of the fall, when COVID cases on campus were limited.

Take a look at the new face of Flagler this past fall as the College braved the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The transition to online classes due to the pandemic was difficult. I took a few gap years before college and had never experienced online classes before. It was a difficult transition, but my professors were understanding and helped me stay on top of things.” - First-year student John Rodewig

A group of students and their professor wear masks and sit in the grass near the Castillo de San Marcos for class.

“No one wanted this, no one likes this, but it is what we must do for the greater good.” - Second-year student Emily Hulet

"COVID forced PAD to convert to a hybrid/ online mode, and because of the success of combining some of our courses for students in both Tallahassee and St. Augustine and its surrounding communities, we intend to continue to experiment with this model.” - Joel Bolante, Director and Assistant Professor of Public Administration

Four students meet online using Zoom for class.

“Even in the age of Zoom, I want to engage every little square.” Dr. Butler is asking his students to now, more than ever, contextualize and use their primary sources, especially on exams where he has replaced the essay-based format with artist analysis and interpretation. - Dr. J. Michael Butler, Kenan Distinguished Professor of History and Director of the African- American Studies minor.

Even with many classes online and limits to gatherings due to COVID-19 this past fall, Flagler’s Office of Student Affairs still managed to put on 498 events including club meetings, workshops, speakers, intramural classes and field trips. Here’s a look at some of what took place:

    • 4,336 attendees at all sponsored events
    • 248 attendees at 41 field trips (mini golf, driving range, 9 holes, fishing, kayaking)
    • 93 event and workshop participants
    • 237 appointments/resume reviews
    • 44 virtual interviews
    • 898 club meeting attendees
    • 1,025 club event attendees
      • 243 CAB Adopt-a-Saint
      • 335 Midnight Breakfast
      • 134 CAB Paint a Pumpking
      • 113 DAY of Service
    • 253 Welcome Week attendees
    • 101 Saints After Dark attendees
    • 163 movie showings
    • 104 Glowtober attendees
    • 579 Harry Potter Wek attendees
    • 149 Coffee with a Cop attendees
    • 194 Residence Life program attendees
    • 52 participants in Diversity & Inclusion/Title IX programs


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