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Alumni Spotlight: Eva Gibson's Books Help Readers Realize They're Not Alone

Jul 12, 2022
by Lauren Piskothy, ʻ20

Eva Gibson, ’00, was in the middle of a cross-country move with a new baby and a lot of change ahead.

Eva Gibson
Eva Gibson

She was in rural Kentucky touring isolated rental properties with a dwindling phone signal when she looked out onto a river and thought, “anything could happen out here, and no one would know.” That random thought led her to write her latest novel, “Where Secrets Lie,” which was published by Simon and Schuster.

“The story slowly unspooled from there into something bigger and darker than I realized it could be at the time,” she said. “That’s usually how my book ideas begin: a single line or few words of dialogue, paired with a vivid, visual image.” The novel follows a teenager who returns to Kentucky for the summer. She confronts romantic feelings for a childhood best friend while searching for his missing sister This leads to uncovering the dark history of their small town.

When she graduated from Flagler with degrees in English and Communications and Journalism, Gibson had no idea she’d wind up a published Young Adult author, or that a small moment in rural Kentucky would inspire a novel. She also had two other books, “Together We Caught Fire” (2020) and “Where Secrets Lie” (2021), published during the pandemic.

The global crisis also inspired her to write two more novels, including an upcoming Young Adult pop horror novel called, “Frightmares.”

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