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Alumna determined to change conversation surrounding fashion

May 12, 2020
by Jayda Barnes, '20

A student of art history and political science, Elizabeth Pape graduated Flagler with a liberal arts degree in 2012. She turned her passion for art and storytelling into a business with the creation of Elizabeth Suzann, a fashion company that prides itself on authenticity, functionality and sustainability.

Elizabeth Pape headshot

Pape’s passion for clothing begin while she was still attending Flagler. “I became drawn to clothing as a medium through studying art history,” said Pape. “Learning about history through the lens of art opened my eyes to so much context and rich information about humanity.”

As a student, she began thrifting vintage clothes and selling them at the local consignment shop, The Closet, where she eventually began working. After graduating from Flagler, Pape moved to Nashville. She opened an online shop in 2013, and within a few months was able to rent a small space where she created her merchandise. By the end of the following year, she had grown her solo operation into a team of eight. The next year, her team moved to a warehouse and has since grown to 42 team members and over $5 million in sales.

Elizabeth Suzann is revolutionizing the fashion industry by encouraging customers to make conscious decisions about their wardrobe.

“Demonstrating that there is a way to live, work and dress mindfully is our primary goal,” said Pape.

The company’s unique approach to business is also a key feature of its success. The shop began with a practical, made-to-order approach direct to interested consumers and continues to operate in this same manner. Pape’s dedication to increasing both her personal knowledge and her business has enabled her growth.

“Our primary goal here at Elizabeth Suzann is to elevate the conversation surrounding clothing and raise the bar for how we interact with getting dressed,” said Pape. “We encourage our customers to buy less and use more of what they have, to invest in themselves by purchasing things they know are made well and are made to last, and to redefine their relationship with clothing, the body and their expression of their inner-most beliefs.”

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