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  • A picture of Flagler College's new Alumni House

    Anderson Cottage to open for alumni and students

    Oct 18
    Flagler College alumni will soon have a place to call home on campus as the new Alumni House at Anderson Cottage prepares to open. Located on Sevilla Street between the Proctor Library and the Ringhaver Student Center, it will be transformed into a central meeting hub for local and visiting alumni.
  • Flagler College President Dr. Joseph Joyner.

    New President Dr. Joseph Joyner brings his love for education to Flagler

    Oct 18
    For new Flagler College President Joseph Joyner, education has been in the family for four generations. His grandmother taught first grade for 40 years. His father and mother were both teachers, and his father went on to become a school principal.
  • A picture of Professor Lori Lee teaching a student.

    Digging up stories of slavery at a plantation in Virginia

    Oct 18
    Flagler student Kiara Montes spent her summer unearthing the story of an enslaved cook at historic 19th-century home Sandusky Plantation in Lynchburg, Va., as part of an archaeological project she worked on with Assistant Professor Dr. Lori Lee. 
  • Flagler President Dr. Joseph Joyner

    The importance of leading through listening

    Oct 18
    I love listening. It’s not only one of the most important traits a leader should have, but it’s also one of the favorite parts of my job. As the new president of Flagler College, it’s a joy to hear stories of students, faculty, staff and alumni who are doing incredible and inspiring work.
  • A picture of Flagler College Volunteers.

    Reaching out to raise up

    Oct 18
    It’s a Wednesday night at a sandy vacant lot in downtown St. Augustine and people are lining up along a wooden fence decorated with signs that read “Bring peace” and “Compassion for all.” On plastic tables under white tents, Flagler students pass out slices of pizza, pile mounds of spaghetti on plates and hand out cupcakes.
  • Patrick Perkins with his dog at Microsoft.

    Alumnus’ can-do attitude leads him to head of marketing for Microsoft’s education division

    Oct 18
    Flagler grad Patrick Perkins, ‘02, is heading up Microsoft’s marketing efforts in the company’s Education division, and his rise in the Fortune 500 company is in no small part due to two core principles he’s practiced since college: work hard and trust your instincts.
  • A picture of Terri Samson teaching.

    Flagler alum receives governor’s award for teaching

    Oct 18
    In the seventh grade, Flagler College alumna Terri Samson, ‘05, watched a film that shaped the trajectory of her life. “Mr. Holland’s Opus” is a movie about a music teacher obsessed with leaving behind a musical legacy. Only, it wasn’t the main storyline that grabbed her, but rather a subplot about the lead character’s difficult relationship with his deaf son.
  • A picture of Grayden Moore on an orange and white title page.

    Turning tragedy into advocacy

    Oct 18
    On Oct. 9, 2004, Grayden Moore, ‘03, was skateboarding down a long, steep road on the Gold Coast in Australia when his board wobbled and gave way beneath him. He bounced on his head three times and was knocked unconscious, leaving him without a heartbeat and blood flowing from his ears and mouth. He was not wearing a helmet.
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