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Mardi Gras & Carnaval: French Cultural Event

Feb 13
05:30pm-08:00pm | Kenan Hall

Flagler students, faculty and staff are invited to the co-curricular Mardi Gras & Carnaval: French cultural event organized by the World Language Program and sponsored by the Student Activities office and the International Club.

The objective of this event  is to present French culture, expand knowledge about the French speaking world and also expose everyone to the beauty of french language.

During the event students will do the following:

  • Learn about the history and meaning of Mardi Gras and Carnaval
  • Participate in craft activities to make masks
  • Answer trivia questions about the French speaking world
  • Sample french food
  • Enjoy French live music performed by singer, composer and founder of the music group The French Horn Collective and french native Vincent Raffard.

This event takes place in Kenan 300.


Kenan Hall
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