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Lecture with Russian Historian Rex Wade

Mar 14
07:00pm-08:30pm | Ponce de Leon Hall

Rex A. Wade is the author of The Russian Revolution, 1917 (third edition, 2017), The Bolshevik Revolution and Russian Civil War (2001), Red Guards and Workers' Militias in the Russian Revolution (1984), and The Russian Search for Peace, 1917 (1969). He is editor of Revolutionary Russia (2004), Documents of Soviet History (Vol. I, 1991; Vol. II, 1992, Vol. III, 1994), co-editor of Politics and Society in Provincial Russia: Saratov, 1590-1917 (1989), and author of numerous articles dealing with the Russian revolution, the revolutionary movement, and Russian history generally.

He currently is writing some articles on the Russian Revolution, editing a republication of Edward Alsworth Ross's 1918 book, Russia in Upheaval, and planning a book The Long Revolution: Russia 1880-1930.

This event will take place in the Flagler Room.


Ponce de Leon Hall
74 King Street
St. Augustine, FL 32084
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