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Graphic Design Portfolio Show (Co-Curricular Event)

Dec 12
08:00pm | Ringhaver Student Center

Please join us for our bi-annual Graphic Design portfolio show. The show provides a platform for students to present the design work produced during their undergraduate studies. Portfolios include many areas of art and design—branding, advertising, web, interactive, motion, animation, packaging, environmental design, illustration, and photography. 

The event is free and open to the public. There will be musical entertainment and light refreshments. Designers include Richie D'Onofrio, Summer Hartenstine, Lea Hoddersen, Kaylen Johnson, Coeltryn Kirkland, Jaclyn Kremposky, Sasha Lute, Maren Meitzer, Zachary Nichols, Zachary Smith, Matt Thornton, and Bethanie Waldron. 


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