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Diversity Week: Looking Forward

Feb 15
08:00pm | Kenan Hall

Looking Forward - Diversity & Inclusion

Kenan, K-300, 7PM -8PM

Join a panel discussion with our QEP, Quality Enhancement Plan committee chairs and Dean Vanden Houten to speak on the topic of Diversity and Inclusion and our plans for the future. Sponsored by the QEP, Quality Enhancement Plan, Committee and the Office of Student Life.


Join us as we celebrate diversity and inclusion on campus. The overarching themes of this year’s event are Recognize, Value, and Act. Students, faculty, and staff will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of daily activities and panel discussions.

Recognize: to realize and acknowledge the identities, privileges, and differences in our community.

Value: to celebrate, more than tolerate, all types of human differences.

Act: to take specific actions to improve our community’s climate of inclusivity.


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