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Diversity Week: Defining Gender

Feb 14
05:00pm | Ringhaver Student Center

Defining Gender - Understanding the Unicorn

Student Center, Room 202, 4PM - 5PM

Join a discussion on the different “Gender Unicorns” from the earlier event and explore different types of identity and attraction. The focus is on creating a more trans-friendly, understanding environment through education. Sponsored by Jess Kobryn, Title IX Coordinator and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.


Join us as we celebrate diversity and inclusion on campus. The overarching themes of this year’s event are Recognize, Value, and Act. Students, faculty, and staff will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of daily activities and panel discussions.

Recognize: to realize and acknowledge the identities, privileges, and differences in our community.

Value: to celebrate, more than tolerate, all types of human differences.

Act: to take specific actions to improve our community’s climate of inclusivity.


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