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Artist Talk: Leslie Robison and Mike Taylor

Sep 08

Please join us for an artist talk with Leslie Robison, Kenan Distinguished Professor of Art, and Mike Taylor on the occasion of CEAM's exhibition "The Nameless Now: NEFL Artists Respond." Robison and Taylor each make work that responds to urgent cultural and social issues and has recently collaborated on an artist book included in the exhibition.

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Artist's Bios:

Leslie Robison is interested in breaking down the language, symbols, and actions that define power in various relationships and within such institutions as art, politics, and academia. Mixed media drawing and performance become the means of investigating these structures. Whether they are drawn or knitted, scribbled or written as words, the lines in these drawings, paintings, and installations confound direct communication even as they reference the traditional language of art. By also examining her participation in these systems, the artist is simultaneously critical, questioning, and self-mocking.

Mike Taylor is a painter, book artist, screen printer, and mess maker who lives and works in Florida. Perhaps best known for his drawings, his books are exhibited widely and his paintings are exhibited very narrowly.

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