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Attendance Policy FAQ

Find out more about our new attendance policy and how it affects you.

Flagler College has adopted a new attendance policy that is effective for the Fall 2018 semester. This new policy allows faculty independence to establish specific guidelines for attendance in their courses. All faculty will discuss their specific policy with students on the first day of class, emphasizing in particular the relationship between attendance, interaction in the classroom, and evaluation. The new attendance policy is as follows: 

“Flagler College holds all members of our community to the highest academic standards in its pursuit of academic excellence. Regular attendance at classes, laboratories and examinations is fundamental to this commitment. Students are, therefore, expected to attend class as part of their personal responsibility as members of this community.

Individual professors will establish specific attendance policies for each class and publish them in the syllabus at the beginning of every academic semester. Professors must also discuss with students on the first day of class the relationship between attendance, interaction in the classroom, and evaluation in specific courses. Students have the responsibility to take appropriate action to make up missed work where permitted by the professor's policy. Absences for official college events, for example athletic or club academic travel, must be appropriately documented. All absences should be discussed with the professor in advance when possible.”

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this go into effect?

The new attendance policy will go into effect this upcoming semester, Fall 2018.

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How do I find out what a class’ attendance policy is?

Each professor will give you their attendance policy on the first day of class.

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How will this affect me?

Since Flagler will no longer have a school wide attendance policy, you will no longer have to go through the process of filing for an excused absence! Your individual professors will provide you with their attendance policy for the semester.

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What is the appeals policy for attendance?

If you believe your grade has suffered because a professor has not properly enforced their attendance policy, you can file for a grade appeal under the “Appeal of Grade” policy found in the College Catalogue.

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What if I know I will be missing class this semester?

Speak to your professor during the first week of class.

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Will I need excused absences? Who do I see about an excused absence?

Excused absences are a thing of the past! The Health Center, Counseling Center, and Office of Academic Affairs will no longer issue excused absence forms. Please work with your individual professors if you will miss class and/or class work.

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Can I get an excused absence from Health Services?

Health Services will remain as a resource for students who need medical help. Health services does not provide excused absences. However, they will still provide you their professional medical opinion.

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Who do I contact for additional information?

Speak with your individual professors if you have questions about their specific attendance policy.

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