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Sports Performance Coach and Alumnus Gives Us the Dos and Don’ts of the Gym

Aug 11, 2010
by Krista Purcell, '08

For sports performance coach and alumnus Bryan Meyer, ‘00, training Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard during the off-season is just another day in the office, or rather, another day in the gym.

Meyer graduated from Flagler with a degree in sport management. He now works as a performance coach and will be opening The B Meyer Training Systems, an education-based performance gym in Altamonte Springs, Fla., this summer. 

On top of that, Meyer has been Howard’s performance coach for the past four years; he’s also trained Olympic figure skater Patrick Chan, elite BMX racer Randall Neave and Los Angeles Angels minor league baseball player Tyson Auer.

“Training high-level athletes is what most people consider or want to talk about, but making a difference and creating relationships is the best part of my job,” he said. “Making a difference to the youth and helping them reach their potential is what I enjoy most about my career.”

Exercising words of wisdom from Bryan Meyer:

  • Not all of us want to or can be professional athletes, but we can improve our performance for life with small changes each week. Try to make it a lifestyle and do something every day.
  • There is no one best exercise or pill you can take. As a general rule, vary your program every few weeks and always ask questions of people you value in the field.
  • Machines are great to focus on certain muscles, but try to add body weight and movement training to your program.
  • Performance training is very different from general fitness, but I train my general population to be better prepared for life and treat them as athletes. The mom or dad client isn’t going to go through the same program as Dwight Howard, but will work on improving deceleration and overall strength just as Dwight does – just on a different level.
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