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Novak makes third visit to Flagler Forum

Feb 18, 2008
by Staff

For a self-proclaimed “Prince of Darkness,” columnist and TV commentator Robert Novak did a lot of joking during his third visit to Flagler College.

Novak is the author of The New York Times bestselling book, “The Prince of Darkness: 50 years Reporting in Washington,” a memoir of his years in journalism. He’s just as well- known for his newspaper column, his appearances on Fox News and CNN and his involvement in the Valerie Plame-CIA leak scandal.

Novak spoke at the Flagler College Forum on Government and Public Policy this past November, and he took questions from several classes during his visit.

At the Forum, Novak read from his book, talked about the upcoming presidential election and spoke about the difficulties of being in the spotlight after his newspaper column about Plame created a media stir and spawned a special investigation.

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