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New soccer stadium unveiled at Saints Field

Sep 29, 2014

Flagler unveiled its new soccer stadium seating at the Sept. 2 season opener against Embry-Riddle at Saints Field.

This project had its inception in the summer of 2009 when Director of Athletics Jud Damon began working on the enhancement of the game environment for the men’s and women’s soccer programs. The process started with new fencing and graphics-enhanced windscreens throughout the soccer facility in 2010. Then, a new four-team locker room complex was completed in February 2011. New scoreboards were added in 2012.

“The new seating is the last, big piece of the soccer facility puzzle,” Damon said.  “We believe our soccer facility will now make a positive impression on anyone coming to a Flagler College soccer event.”

The new seating area will accommodate approximately 600 fans.

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