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Nelson named new director of Career Services Office

Oct 4, 2011
by Staff

Kristin Nelson has been named the new director of Career Services. Nelson previously served as director of student activities at the college before accepting the new role. She will spearhead a reorganization of career services as the department moves from the Office of Academic Affairs to Student Services.

The reorganization models many other colleges and universities where career services is under student affairs/services offices. The transition will include a restructuring to offer more support to students in their career search, as well as graduate school selections.   

“I’m extremely excited about the position,” Nelson said. “I have a passion for helping people find their career paths and I’m thrilled to focus on it full time. It’s a difficult time to find a job right now and knowing the right steps to take is essential.”

She will oversee major changes to the college’s existing career program in order to make it more comprehensive for students and focused on careers or graduate school.

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