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Kammerman enters Marvel Universe as video intern

Apr 6, 2015
by Tom Iacuzio, ‘06

Laura Kammerman, ‘14, says it was her dad that got her into superheroes when she was just a little girl. Now, the Flagler College alumna is helping bring them to life as a video intern at Marvel Entertainment.

As a member of Marvel’s Digital Media Department, Kammerman is getting an education in everything from setting up cameras to audio, lighting and post production.

“The internship is really hands on,” said Kammerman. “I work with the Digital Media team doing a lot of YouTube videos that promote our new comics, movies and other products.”

Kammerman’s team also handles live footage for major events like Comic Cons held in places such as San Diego and New York.

“I started on the Wednesday before New York Comic Con and Marvel had their own booth on the floor and their own skybox overlooking the convention,” said Kammerman of the event which drew nearly 150,000 guests. “I was lucky enough to get in all four days and work with the Marvel team.”

Kammerman says over the course of the event she got to spend time with such celebrities as Clark Gregg, Ron Perlman, Jerry Springer and Mike Tyson.

Kammerman, who double majored in graphic design and fine art, first learned about the New York-based internship through Marvel’s website. She applied during her junior year and never heard back, but after working as a graphic design assistant with the PGA Tour and honing her skills in Flagler’s classrooms, she decided to try again.

“A lot of my professors guided me and really encouraged me to build my portfolio for the job I wanted,” said Kammerman, who even took an independent class with Flagler College Art Instructor Natalie Stephenson to learn programs which were required for the internship. “I would not be in the position I am now without her guidance.”

Now, Kammerman is neck deep in her internship and while the position was supposed to run the length of the semester, her mid-semester start date has caused no end date to be set.

“Maybe they won’t notice and I can stay forever,” she joked.

But what is it about the comic world that would make a graphic designer beg to stay?

“There is just something about what they stand for, how they struggle like all of us, and how they overcome their weaknesses,” said Kammerman. “Since I’ve been living in New York, I see little kids wearing Iron Man sweatshirts and Captain America backpacks. I’ve seen homeless people wearing Spider-Man sweatshirts and it reminds me of the hope that all these characters give us, and being a part of that brings me happiness in a small way.”

Kammerman hopes that her showing at Marvel Entertainment will do her good if and when a position opens up at the company.

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