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Former NFL player Marco Coleman now a Flagler College alum

Oct 1, 2015

By Bobbie Stewart For former NFL defensive end Marco Coleman, returning to college to finish his degree at Flagler held special significance: He wanted to walk across the graduation stage before his daughter did.

It was a goal he casually mentioned in 2013, during a speech he gave at Flagler College’s annual “Crimson and Gold” athletic banquet.

“Afterwards I spoke to a couple of folks and in January of 2014 enrolled (at Flagler),” Coleman said about how he came to the college.

Prior to joining the NFL, Coleman, now a managing partner at Matador Financial Planning, attended Georgia Tech University for three and a half years. In 1992, he was drafted by the Miami Dolphins, and went on to play four seasons there, followed by three years in San Diego and four seasons in Washington for the Redskins. He was selected to the 1999 Pro Bowl while playing for the Redskins and spent a year each with the Jacksonville Jaguars (2002) and the Philadelphia Eagles (2003). Coleman closed out his career with a two-year stint with the Denver Broncos before retiring at the conclusion of the 2005 season.

When asked if fellow students knew of his past fame, the former professional athlete was quick to respond.

“I’m a little dated,” said Coleman, 45. “I’m probably the same age as their parents.”

In the spring of 2014, Coleman began completing degree requirements in Business Administration. After finishing his degree, the first thing on his to-do list was to call his daughter, who is on track to graduate from University of Central Florida in 2016.

“As soon as final exams were done, I called my daughter to tell her I beat her,” he said with a laugh. On May 2, he crossed the stage and received his diploma at Flagler's Spring 2015 convocation.

As a student, Coleman said he immediately saw parallels between what’s necessary for success on the football field and in the classroom.

As to what’s ahead, Coleman said he will focus on further developing his financial services company in Jacksonville, spend time with his family and maintain ties with the Flagler community.

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