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Five things you should know about Tai Chi

Oct 4, 2011
by Staff

Walking by the palm garden on Sevilla Street, you might notice students doing what look like slow motion Kung Fu moves. But that’s not Kung Fu. It’s Tai Chi — a Chinese martial art known for its slow, flowing moves that are part defensive training and part meditation. The class is taught by adjunct professor Wanda Hall, who in her late 60s just won the title of “National Champion in Push Hands” at an International Chinese Martial Arts Tournament. Curious about the ancient art, Flagler Magazine asked her for five steps to becoming a Tai Chi Warrior:

  1. It’s all about “Shen” — a serious attitude. And “Yi,” which is strength of mind with focused attention or intent.
  2. Body structure is critical. You must be properly aligned, balanced and with a round shape. A straight arm is a broken arm.
  3. Go with the “Flow.” That is a slow, continuous movement with your rooted feet stuck to the ground.
  4. Don’t forget your “Chi” — the breath of life. Chi is a field of energy in and around you that restores and energizes. To develop it, start with long, slow, deep, smooth, even breaths.
  5. Over time you will develop your agility, flexibility and strength, leading to low stress, great sleeping and a very healthy body and mind.
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