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English professor wins Cider Press Review Book Award

Oct 4, 2011
by Staff

Liz Robbins, assistant professor of English, won the 2011 Cider Press Review Book Award for her manuscript, “Play Button.” She received a $1,500 prize along with a publishing contract.

Robbins said she was inspired to title her manuscript, “Play Button,” because technology and visualization are so prevalent in today’s society.

“I liked the idea of the title having something to do with technology because that’s where everything is going these days visually,” she said. “I was hoping for the idea that the reader would, figuratively speaking, push the play button by opening the book.”

Robbins says her writing has matured since her first book of poetry, “Hope, As the World is a
Scorpion Fish,” was published by The Blackwater Press in 2008.

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