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Student Ambassadors sitting outside of Hanke Hall

Meet The Ambassadors

Meet the Ambassadors of Flagler College! A group of 50 unique individuals who not only get to share their experiences through daily tours, but also on special event days. Those who become a part of the Ambassador Program share their Flagler experience with those who are eager to learn more or become apart of the Flagler Family.

Blake Richardson

“I am an avid sports fan! Although baseball is my passion, I enjoy watching and playing football, basketball, and golf, to name a few. Currently, I am conducting a study to determine what it takes to be a great leader for my final honors project. The people I have met throughout this project have inspired me to become a great leader myself one day!”

Seth Duffy

“I’m Duffy, an economics major with an undying love for mathematics. I have a wild dreams of working for the federal reserve while living in the tundra of Minnesota. Flagler has been a fun ride so far, I can’t wait to see where it ends.”

Hannah Leonard

“I love the environment and all the beauty it has to offer. This is why I love to go scuba diving, hiking, and biking around St. Augustine to find new places to explore. I’m very interested in preserving our environment and informing others on how to make the planet a better place.”

Jenna Davenport

“I love being surrounded by the trees and seas when I’m not in the classroom or working with one of my many extracurriculars. I currently am working on a project where I am showing the environmental change of the natural parks through my love of photography. I hope to one day work as a photographer or social media content creator for an environmental nonprofit.”


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