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Transfer Admissions Requirements - Military

Prospective Students transferring from another institution must be in good standing with a satisfactory grade point average for all work attempted, and must be eligible to return to the institution last attended.

Applicants with a cumulative transfer GPA of 2.0 or less are strongly encouraged to complete course work at a regionally accredited institution and work toward raising their overall transfer GPA before applying to Flagler College.

Additional requirements are as follows:

  • Transfer applicants from four-year institutions may receive a maximum of 75 semester hours of credit awarded.
  • Applicants who transfer from junior or community colleges will be allowed no more than 64 semester hours of credit toward the completion of degree requirements at Flagler.
  • Recipients of the Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree are generally admitted at the junior level.
  • Applicants who transfer from senior institutions must complete the last 45 semester hours at Flagler, not including departmentally-required internships.
  • Transfer applicants may be required to submit their high school transcript and/or ACT or SAT scores at the discretion of the Director of Transfer Admissions. Veterans who have not taken the SAT or ACT may request an alternate assessment in place of this requirement.
  • Transfer credits will generally be granted for courses in which a grade of “C” (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) or better was earned from regionally accredited institutions. Quality points earned for transfer credits are not used in computing a student’s grade point average at Flagler.
  • Students who have successfully completed the requirements for an A.A. degree may transfer up to three courses in which a “D” grade was earned, provided the total number of transfer credits does not exceed 64 semester hours.
  • The amount of transfer credit and advanced standing allowed by the College will be determined by the Registrar. In some instances, the department chair is consulted prior to awarding transfer credits. Transfer students are responsible for submitting all official school transcripts, JST, CLEP, IB, AICE, or AP score reports, and for confirming their level of advanced standing prior to registering for classes at Flagler.