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Student Self-reported Academic Record

The Student Self-reported Academic Record (SSAR) is Flagler College's self-reported transcript. It is an online form where you enter all of your high school-level and dual-enrollment course grades, as well as grades for those courses currently in progress 12. It is recommended that you get a hard-copy transcript from your guidance counselor in order to complete the SSAR.

All freshman applicants must complete a SSAR with the following exceptions:

  • Applicants who have already graduated from high school. Instead of the SSAR, graduated students must submit final official high school and dual enrollment transcripts when they apply.
  • GED graduates. Instead of the SSAR, GED graduates must submit their official GED results, along with official partial high school transcript(s).
  • International and U.S. citizens abroad who have not followed an educational curriculum patterned after the U.S. system.

Student Self-Reported Academic Record FAQ

What is the Student Self-Reported Academic Record (SSAR)?

SSAR is a student self-reported transcript that lists the classes and associated grades that have been attempted, or will be attempted, for high school and/or college credit. The SSAR removes the requirement for high school and college transcripts during the initial review process.

Since accuracy is critical, you are advised to reference a copy of your high school transcript when you create your SSAR.

If you are admitted and choose to enroll at Flagler College, you will be required to submit official final transcript(s) to the Office of Admissions following your high school graduation.

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Where do I create my SSAR?

Your unique link to the SSAR site will be emailed to you after you complete your application to Flagler College. You must use this personalized link because this is the only way to attach your SSAR to your application. If you cannot locate your link please email

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Do home-educated students complete a SSAR?

Yes, if you have followed an educational curriculum patterned after the traditional U.S. system.

If the curriculum you followed cannot be properly displayed on the SSAR, please contact the Office of Admissions at for further instruction.

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What will happen if I do not complete a SSAR?

All first year applicants must complete the SSAR for admission consideration. A high school transcript submitted from your high school does not substitute for the SSAR requirement. If for some reason, you are unable to complete the SSAR, contact the Office of Admissions at

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Do I need to include high school courses taken while I was in middle/junior high school?

Every academic course that you attempted for high school credit while in middle/junior high school must be listed on the SSAR.

The SSAR entry process allows you to state that the courses were taken while in middle/junior high school.

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How do I enter my grades on the SSAR?

The SSAR format collects grades on a semester basis. Please refer to the following examples to guide your grade submission:

  1. If your school only assigns semester grades, you will enter your semester grades as shown on your high school transcript into the appropriate places in the SSAR.
  2. If your school only assigns a final grade for each class taken, you will enter the final grade twice (first semester and second semester) for year-long classes (one credit), and once (either first semester or second semester) for semester-long classes (1/2 credit). For example, if you earned an “A” in World History, which is a year-long class (1 credit), you will enter that grade twice (first semester and second semester). If you took Economics, which is a semester-long class (1/2 credit), you will enter that grade only once in whichever semester you took the class.
  3. If your school assigns both semester grades and a final grade, only use the final grade when entering your grades in the SSAR. For example, if you took Biology and earned a “B” in the first semester and an “A” in the second semester but your final grade is “B,” enter “B” twice (first semester and second semester) in the SSAR.
  4. If your school assigns trimester grades and a final grade, only use the final grade, the same principle as in #3. If the class is a year-long class you will use the final grade and enter it twice in the SSAR. If the class is only for one trimester, enter the final grade on either the first or second semester field.
  5. If your transcript does not fall into one of the above categories, please call the Office of Admissions at 904.819.6220
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How do I report my senior classes?

You should list your senior-year classes as "In Progress" since you will have no grades associated with them. 

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What if my school is on block scheduling?

If you attend a school that is on block scheduling, you are actually completing a year-long class (one credit) in one semester and a semester-long class (1/2 credit) in nine weeks. A one credit class will be entered twice (first semester and second semester), and a 1/2 credit class will be entered once.

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What if I am taking or repeating classes in the summer?

You will enter the class and grade like you would any other class; however, you will record the class in the prior school year. For example, if you took a class between the 10th and 11th grades, you would enter the class as a 10th grade student.

If the class is replacing a course previously complete, please only enter the class with the highest grade you received.

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How do I enter my grades if my school uses pluses/minuses?

Pluses and minuses are not used in the admission review process and cannot be entered in the SSAR. Grades will be reported as A, B, C, D, and F, so grades of B+ and B- are treated as a B grade, and should be denoted in the SSAR as a B.

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How do I enter my grades if my school uses a numerical system?

Numerical grades should be converted to A-F grades based on the universal standard grading scale, which is as follows: 90-100 = A, 80-89 = B, 70-79 = C, 60-69 = D, 0-59 = F. Please contact your admissions counselor if you need assistance converting your grades.

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How do I enter my college (dual enrollment) classes and grades?

If you have taken college (dual-enrollment) courses, you must self-report all college (dual-enrollment) courses and grades listed on your transcript. If your dual-enrollment course is one credit in high school, enter the grade twice (first semester and second semester). If your dual-enrollment course is 1/2 credit, enter the grade once. Dual-enrollment courses should be reported in the appropriate subject area (English, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Science/History, and World Language). If the dual-enrollment course does not fall into one of the subject areas mentioned in the previous sentence, it should be listed in the "Other Coursework" area.

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Does it matter if I attended more than one high school and/or college during my academic career?

No. If you have attended multiple schools and the grades are not reflected on your current high school transcript, you should get a copy of your previous transcript(s) from your school counseling office(s) in order to input all coursework.

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What if I can't find my high school listed on the SSAR website?

The SSAR website uses a database of official high school names from the College Board which may vary slightly from the everyday name of your school. When you are searching for your school, try to use variants of the official school name. For example, if you attend William R. Boone High School, search "Boone High school" in the box. Make sure you select the correct state.

If you still can't find your high school, click here to contact SSAR support directly.

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Can I change the SSAR once it is completed?

Yes. To make changes, simply login to the SSAR website with the email address and password used to create your original SSAR. 

If a change is made after you've submitted the SSAR, please contact the Office of Admissions

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Can the SRAR be used in place of the SSAR?

SSAR and SRAR require their own accounts, therefore an SRAR cannot be used in place of the SSAR. If you have created an SRAR account for another institution, you will also need to create an SSAR account to fulfill Flagler College’s application requirements.

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When do I send my official high school and college (if dual enrolled) transcripts?

Only applicants offered admission will be required to submit official high school and college transcripts after graduation.

These transcripts will be used to validate the information on the SSAR, and high school transcripts will need to include a printed date of graduation.

All final transcripts must be submitted to Flagler College before classes begin for your selected entry term.

*Students that falsified information on their SSAR will have their admissions decision rescinded.

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