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Admissions & Aid

COVID-19 Admissions FAQs

Campus Visit

I’d like to visit campus. What are my options?
  • Flagler College is offering Virtual Admissions Information Sessions and Campus Tours on Tuesdays at 6:30pm ET and Wednesdays at 2:30pm ET.
  • In-person visits are available Monday through Friday and on select Saturdays. For the safety of our visitors and staff, the following is required:
    • Limited guest count. Please be considerate with your guest count as we can only allow 10 total guests for each visit experience.
    • Face masks/coverings should be worn during the duration of the visit experience.
    • A Health Screening Form will be required for all guests. This form is available in your confirmation email.
    • Visitors should maintain social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet of distance from others at all times while on campus.
  • To register for any of our in-person or virtual experiences, please go to
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Admitted Students

When do I need to make my decision to attend Flagler?
  • Flagler's deposit deadline is May 1st but we will accept deposits from students throughout the summer.
  • We understand that many families are concerned about the future, and we are working individually with them to help make everyone feel secure in their decision. Please email your Admissions Counselor with any questions you have about your deposit.
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Will my admission offer be impacted if my school adopts a pass/fail grading system for the Spring 2020 semester?

We understand that your daily educational experiences have shifted based on what your school is able to offer, and in that spirit, we will support those decisions regarding your academic records. If your school has had to amend its current grading scales, such as offering a pass/fail or another variation, it will be understood and taken into context for not only our incoming Saints for the Fall 2020 class, but for future applicants that are also impacted. A commitment to helping students and their families navigate the admissions process has always been a hallmark of our team of professionals-now, more than ever. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your Admissions Counselor.

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Is Flagler still accepting Dual Enrollment, IB, AP, and AICE credit?


Yes, Flagler has no plans to change its current policies, and those can be found here- FAQ


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May I defer my enrollment to the Spring 2021 term? Or the Fall 2021 term?


Yes, please contact your Admissions Counselor to discuss and document your request to defer to a future term.


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My school is currently closed. How can I send official transcripts to Flagler?


Flagler will accept an unofficial copy of your high school or college transcript during this time. We will remind you to request an official copy of your transcript to be sent to Flagler when it is available.


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When will Flagler decide if classes will be held as scheduled on campus or move to online for the Fall?

The College plans to open the fall semester as planned. We have several committees that are continuously meeting and reviewing new information as it becomes available, and have laid out several contingency plans. Please feel free to refer to our Reopening Plan here. We are carefully following national, state, and local guidelines as it pertains to reopening the College. 

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Will Flagler refund or defer my deposit if classes are moved to online for the Fall term and I decide not to enroll in the Fall?

While Enrollment Deposits are non-refundable, we are happy to review requests to defer. Please contact your Admissions Counselor if this is something you’re interested in. 

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What should I do if my family’s financial circumstances have changed as a result of this pandemic?


Please contact your Financial Aid Counselor as soon as possible to discuss any changes to your family’s financial circumstances.


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I was already awarded a scholarship and/or my financial aid package is complete. Will the current pandemic situation impact what I am receiving?

No, any institutional financial aid you have been awarded will continue to apply to your cost of attendance throughout your time at Flagler College. Please contact your Financial Aid Counselor to discuss any questions you have regarding the Federal, State, or institutional aid you have been awarded.

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Prospective Students

Is Flagler still accepting applications for the Fall 2020 term?

Yes! You are welcome to start your application here. Please reach out to your Admissions Counselor if you have concerns on how to submit your documents due to not being at your school.

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Will Flagler be waiving application fees?

Yes, Flagler College can accept application fee waivers. If you already have a waiver, please send to If you are in need of a waiver, please have NACAC Admissions Application Fee Waiver completed by an administrator at your high school.

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I’m a Junior in high school and I was scheduled to take a SAT this Spring or Summer. How will Flagler review my application this Fall?


Flagler continues to offer test optional evaluation for students applying for the Fall 2021 term. A holistic review of your application will include academic career, recommendation from a teacher or college counselor, essay, and involvement throughout your high school experience.


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I’m still in high school, how long with these COVID-19 policy changes be in place?


Our admission policy is reviewed each year in order to maintain a fair and equitable process for all applicants. If COVID-19 has had an impact on any year(s) of your education, this will be taken into consideration during the review of your file.

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