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Philadelphia Zimmermann

Philadelphia Zimmermann

Associate Director of Admissions for Visitor Services (904) 819-6425

Leesburg, FL

Why did you choose to work at Flagler?
After graduating from Flagler, I really could not have thought of a better place to work. I enjoyed my time here as a student and I wanted to continue my experience with Flagler as a professional. I really believe that Flagler is a unique college experience and I want to help students discover all that Flagler has to offer both academically and socially. Flagler’s philosophy of higher education and core values inspire me.

School(s) Attended and Degree(s) Earned
Bachelors of Arts from Flagler College
Major/Minor: Social Science Secondary Education

Favorite St. Augustine activity
I enjoy all the history that St. Augustine has to offer- from trolley rides to walking tours to exploring the city on your own- you can always learn something new about St. Augustine and its history!

Tip(s) for incoming students
The best advice that I can give to incoming freshmen is to get involved without overcommitting yourself. Flagler offers clubs, events, and activities to make sure you have fun while you are earning your degree so take advantage of that!

Tip(s) for applicants
I would highly encourage applicants to visit Flagler! It is important that you walk the campus, talk to current students, and maybe even observe a class to fully understand what your life at Flagler will be like. Knowing Flagler is the right school for you is something that you will feel once you have stepped foot on campus.