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John Schaffer

John Schaffer


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States: AL, AR, DC, DE, IA, IL, LA, MD, MS, NJ, OH, PA, VA, WV

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Howell, NJ

Why did you choose to work at Flagler?
The one thing that I always heard about Flagler from staff and students was it is a family here. I love how tight-knit the campus community is. I am also fascinated by all the rich history surrounding the college and St. Augustine.

School Attended and Degree Earned
Bachelors of Science from Delaware Valley University in Animal Behavior and Training Enrichment
Master of Science from Delaware Valley University in Educational Leadership

Favorite St. Augustine activity
Other than trying ALL the food, I would have to say the ghost tours of St. Augustine. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, they do provide unique accounts of the history around the city and are tons of fun.

Tip(s) for incoming students
Get involved early and often by taking advantage of clubs/organizations, campus trips, and activities. Most importantly- get outside of your comfort zone by taking on some leadership roles throughout campus. Also make sure you learn to manage your time, don’t over-extend yourself to the point that your extracurriculars take away from your studies.

Tip(s) for applicants
If you have a question or concern, never be afraid or too shy to ask your admissions counselor. Even if you feel as though the question is not important enough to reach out, ask anyway! We are happy to help no matter how small or large the question is.

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