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Richmond, VA

Why did you choose to work at Flagler?
I wanted to be part of a community that believes in taking care of the environment and our beautiful town of St. Augustine. Flagler is a college this is inclusive and I wanted to join this welcoming community. My daughter, Kira, attends Flagler, and in my job as the Visitor Services Coordinator, I am able to help prospective students and families feel comfortable and at ease. It is wonderful to help them navigate their journey as they are considering Flagler for their college experience, from that first visit experience all the way through Welcome Week!

Favorite St. Augustine Activity
I find peace in being near the water. St. Augustine offers a myriad of opportunities to enjoy the beauty and relaxation of the water, whether that is sitting by the bay beside the Lions Bridge watching the moon rise, sitting by the ocean with my toes in the sand, or sailing down the St. Johns River. I also love the Nights of Lights and the joy and excitement that comes during that time of year.

Tip(s) for incoming students
Get involved. Make friends and explore, finding your people and your passion. Don't pass up an opportunity. Be able to say I did it and it's not for me, rather than I wish I'd tried.

Tip(s) for applicants
Don't overthink. Just be yourself. Imagine yourself in the classes and the community and see if that feels comfortable.