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Palm Coast, FL

Why did you choose to work at Flagler?
I had an incredible experience as a student here, and am extremely fortunate to work here each day. The faculty, staff, and administration are all genuinely interested in helping our students succeed at every level.

School(s) Attended and Degree(s) Earned
Flagler College
2010 Bachelor of Arts
Major: History
Minors: Environmental Science and Spanish

Favorite St. Augustine activity
Attending concerts at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre.

Tip(s) for incoming students
Don’t be afraid to get involved on campus right away; there are plenty of opportunities from clubs, leadership development, and intramural sports. Definitely don’t overload yourself, but try to join at least one early on.

Tip(s) for applicants
One way to stand out is to help our office understand why you personally would like to attend Flagler. Flagler is very much a ‘fit school’, and is looking for students who want to challenge themselves academically, as well as continue to grow as a person in a historic, coastal environment.