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Chicago, IL


Why did you choose to work at Flagler?

I came to Flagler from San Juan, PR and I knew no one and had no family members nearby. Flagler College became my home; I met my best friends here and learned so much about myself during my time at Flagler. I wanted to make those experiences a reality for more than just myself. I love talking to students about their goals and plans for their future and how a Flagler College education can help those dreams become reality.


School(s) Attended and Degree(s) Earned

Flagler College Class of 2006
BA in Business Administration with a Minor in Latin American Studies


Favorite St. Augustine activity

I love visiting the locally owned restaurants in St. Augustine! We have so many great places to eat downtown and new restaurants opening up every day!


Tip(s) for incoming students

Fully embrace all that Flagler College and St. Augustine has to offer you during your time in at the College. Four years will go by so quickly and there really is so much to experience during that short amount of time!


Tip(s) for applicants

Be sincere and genuine in your essay. I love reading about you and your experiences… your essay can make or break your application!